ENL’s fully equipped tool manufacturing service is the cornerstone of the business. By controlling tool manufacture and in-house maintenance, our overall cost of ownership is extremely competitive.

Our experience with single-impression to multi-impression, insert and over-moulding tooling helps customers maximise their return on investment. In particular, our ability to minimise cost in the design and manufacture stage is one distinct advantage.  With a controlled design and manufacturing process that focuses on ‘the right tool for the job’, our ability to quickly produce first off the tool (FOT) parts is unsurpassed.

This ability to offer quick start lead-times on prototype products helps provide cost-savings right from the beginning.We offer either in-house tool manufacturing or turnkey management of Far East manufactured tools. With extensive experience in producing high quality tooling for all “aggressive” grades of thermoplastics including Ultem, PEEK and Torlon, our tooling facilities include:

  • High speed machining
  • CNC spark erosion
  • Comprehensive design facilities (Delcam, ProEngineer and AutoCAD)

We carry standard bolsters in both Aluminium and P20 steel. Special or larger bolsters are available if your mould tool requires. In addition, we are capable of manufacturing bespoke bolsters very quickly.