Slovakia Manufacturing

ENL SK is located in a 20,000 square feet production facility in the West of the Slovak Republic. As well as allowing ENL to offer improved service and delivery for our European customers, this facility is also of interest to UK customers for mid-to-high volume production.

The facility holds both the automotive IATF 16949 and ISO9001 quality accreditations, representing an exemplary level of quality. All management and administrative staff at the plant speak English and the General Manager is both an ENL factory trained manager as well as British.

Our Slovakian manufacturing site specialises in mid – high volume manufacturing with a focus within the automotive segment, offering a fully comprehensive manufacturing service with well maintained micro-processor controlled injection moulding machines with clamp forces ranging from 60 to 250 tonnes, a desiccant dryer on every machine, calibrated tool heating and modern refrigeration based cooling to dramatically reduce seasonal variations, we can meet the most demanding requirements for plastic moulded parts.

Insert moulding:

The Slovak facility provides extensive moulding facilities including the specialist field of Insert Leadframe moulding. We can process all types of thermoplastic including the high performance grades such as PPS, Ultem, PEEK and Torlon.
Our vertical moulding facilities allow us to rotate the traditional moulding process through 90 degrees and load inserts such as copper grids into a horizontal tool, then overmould them to form metal/plastic composite items such as electrical leadframes. We also specialise in overmoulding, a technique to combine two different plastics in a single component.
Our list of Insert Moulding products includes:

  • Electrical Components
  • Pressed Components (loose & continuous reel)
  • Turned Parts (studs, nuts, washers, etc.)
  • Plastic Moulded Components


Our Slovak facility carries the ISO9001 approval and has a proven track record in moulding all types of plastic materials, from basic commodity grades to the more ‘exotic’ engineering grades such as PPS, PEEK, Torlon and Ultem. We can also use re-cycled and biodegradable materials where required and can provide colour matching and antimicrobial and specialist additives.
Our machine capability covers: -

  • 60-250 tonnes machine capacity
  • Horizontal and Vertical machine types allow split-line or conventional feed for either
  • Medium to large volume production at competitive prices

Post operation


Where the demands of the application require a machined surface(s), we can offer a CNC machining capability.


ENL’s extensive secondary operation process capabilities include a wide range of manual and automated component assembly operations. We support these operations with 100% testing for both mechanical and electrical properties. Any special purpose assembly and test equipment required can be designed, developed and manufactured.


Using our assembly facility we offer the service to kit any pre-delivered boxes to your requirements, not only plastic or metallic components but any items that require to be bought in from approved suppliers.