ENL Limited’s logistics operation is there to ensure that stocks and supply meet our customers’ specific requirements, regardless of material type, manufacturing location or volume requirement.

We utilise a modern IT infrastructure to assist in the control and management of orders in both manufacturing sites. Both our UK and Slovakian facilities are directly managed by ENL factory-trained English managers – their expertise combined with the ability to co-ordinate seamlessly means that logistical management of both inbound and outbound material / parts is executed flawlessly. It is one of the contributory reasons that our on-time delivery record is exceptional.

Whether your order is a discrete, low-volume requirement, or a scheduled high-volume requirement with exacting delivery requirements, ENL have the capability and experience to deliver throughout Europe, on-time, every time.

Depending on the volume requirement and commercial agreement, ENL can provide a range of options:

  • Consignment stocks
  • Specific packaging
  • Recycling

Consignment stocks

Deliveries are made against discrete orders or a faxban call-off. Allows fast reaction to stock-outs, minimising supply issues.

Specific packaging

To ensure parts are received in good condition and at lowest possible cost, packaging can be specified e.g. layer packaging, individual bubble-wrap etc., prior to shipment. There are weight-counting facilities for standard box quantity shipments.


We positively promote the use of returnable packaging.