For over 50 years, ENL have specialised in the injection moulding of technically challenging components. Our in-house manufacturing capability has been developed in both the UK and Eastern Europe (Slovakia) to cater for the differing volume requirements of our client base.

Our ability to meet both low and high volume requirements is due in part to our expertise and experience, which cuts right across both manufacturing facilities. With a UK led management team on both sites, we ensure that all aspects of the design, manufacture and logistics are managed and co-ordinated perfectly.

Both the UK and Slovakian sites offer an extensive range of plastic moulding manufacturing capabilities.

For example, we specialise in Insert, Leadframe and Over-moulding and have facilities to inject or clamp in the vertical. Complex designs can therefore be catered for with minimum tooling investment.

Both plastic moulding facilities are supported by extensive secondary operation process capabilities. We also have an entire production section dedicated to the precise machining of plastic products.

Annual requirements are often low for technically complex components and processes. With our long experience of short batch production and minimal set up time between batches, we can produce low volumes at highly competitive prices.

As well as a seamless ability to manufacture across Europe, we have built strong working relationships with our material suppliers as well as our machine manufacturers. This gives us the optimal technical support from concept to volume production.