From concept to production, ENL have a proven track record for delivering a world-class engineering service. Our blue-chip customer base is testament to our ability to deliver.

Our new part introduction system consistently delivers the most cost-effective solutions for customer needs. Whether the project is for a complex, multi-part assembly or a simple single piece, our rigorous approach ensures that the correct material, tooling and process are selected to produce the required result.

Using modern software tools such as SolidWorks and CATIA, our in-house design team will optimise both part and tooling design to reach the optimal cost per unit over the life of the product. Our highly experienced team is familiar with the processing of all high-performance polymers such as Ultem, PEEK and Torlon, as well as more standard polymers associated with more routine parts. Should material choice be flexible, our team can consult on the various options that are available.

Through continuous improvement, our team strives to stay at the forefront of industry by consistently look for innovative materials and ideas.