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Monday, March 12th, 2012 ENL: The Injection Moulding Company of Choice

ENL continues to be the plastic injection moulding company of choice for the automotive and aerospace industries in 2012.

As ENL continues to widen it’s business horizons with new clients and equipment, it’s sustainable, organic growth is reflected in the 36.2% increase in turnover in 2011. The thriving company order books continue to expand with this months orders up 16.5% on last month.

With growth comes the responsibility to consistently deliver on-time quality and ENL lives up to its customers expectations. In December 100% of scheduled repeat orders were made and delivered on-time with 98.28% rate for remaining clients.

With ENL going from strength to strength and materials utilisation at 96.4%, systems are being put in place to increase this figure to 97.5% over the coming months. Another area ENL is succeeding in is the cost of scrap. It remains at less than half the bench mark at 0.72% enabling ENL to provide the competitive prices clients are looking for while not compromising on traceability or quality.

ENL is accustomed to working with OEM’s and as such is used to being audited.  This month ENL passed an audit made by a new automotive customer with flying colours surpassing the pass rate by over 30%. The management team is continually on the look out for areas where improvements can be made and strategies are in play to make the next audit even closer to 100%.

With production in Slovakia and the UK, ENL is continually winning contracts for plastic injection moulding in the automotive and aerospace industries because they can produce the standards these demanding industries require.