Customer Survey Results for 2015

A huge thank you to all of our customers who replied to the Christmas Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We have had a fantastic level of response and would like to share anonymised summaries of those results.

Customer Satisfaction Graph

94% Customer Satisfaction

We asked ‘How satisfied / dissatisfied are you with ENL?‘ to which 63% of respondents said that they were ‘Very Satisfied’ and 31% ‘Somewhat Satisfied’.

Service Ratings Bar Chart

100% of respondents rated our Quality as Good or Excellent

We asked ‘How would you rate ENL in the following areas?‘ – 98% of respondents rated our Delivery as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’, 79% rated our Prices as ‘Good’ or better, all respondents gave us a ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ rating for Quality and 90% rated our Communication as ‘Good’ or better.

Chance of recommendation pie chart

94% of respondents likely to recommend ENL

We asked ‘How likely is it that you would recommend ENL?‘ to which 94% of respondents replied that they were likely to recommend ENL; 58% were ‘Extremely Likely’ and and 36% were ‘Somewhat Likely’.

ENL values all feedback, it is constructive in reviewing, improving and adapting our services for the better, for now and in years to come.

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