ENL Invest in New Moulding Equipment

In January, ENL took delivery of 3 new Arburg Injection moulding machines. The delivery from Arburg consisted of one 60 tonne Allrounder and two 150 Tonne Golden Edition moulding machines.


The 370S, 60 tonne Allrounder was bought to support existing and new insert and overmoulding business that requires the ability of the machine to function with the clamp unit in both the horizontal and vertical positions. The horizontal position allows for conventional moulding and the vertical position of both the clamp and the injection unit allows for more technical insert moulding and over moulding. ENL already has many years of experience in this process and the new Allrounder machine compliments existing Arburg Alltounder machines which are now at full capacity. The new Allrounder also has the ability for split line injection, core pulling sequences and high temperature barrels and heater bands to allow for high temperature materials such as PEEK and PPS to be moulded. These materials require much higher specifications from the machine to allow them to be moulded. Within the ENL group, four Arburg Allrounder moulding machines are now used to supply into automotive and aerospace industry sectors.


The final two new machines are both 470C, 150 tonne Golden Edition moulding machines. Both of the new machines are again equipped with high temperature, high wear resistant injection units. These injection units were requested to support new business to be moulded in glass filled PEEK. The machines are also equipped with the ability for multiple hydraulic core pull, pneumatic core pull and robot interface. The robot interface was requested for future, planned investment in automated removal of parts by robot. Each machine has been equipped with two different screw and barrel sizes to allow for optimum processing of materials in different size components.

All three machines have the latest version of Arburg control software which is controlled through a touch screen.

Additional dehumidifying drying equipment has also been purchased to support the new machines. This ensures that the material is delivered to the machine in the optimum condition ready for moulding.

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