Specialised Equipment at ENL

ENL, manufacturer of injection mould tools and injection mouldings have a A & D MS 70 Moisture Analyser to provide empirical evidence that the high specifications required by it’s clients’ is adhered to.

A&D MS 70 moisture analyser used by ENL for moisture detection in injection moulding

ENL is continuously investing in new equipment to maintain the highest standards of production required for applications in the civil aviation, automotive and defence industries. The acquisition of a new Moisture Analyser means ENL can provide further empirical evidence that the high quality required for these industries is maintained in the manufacture of components made of hygroscopic polymers.

Clients know they can rely on the injection moulding division to produce high-specification, high-performance materials. They are assured that the final product will show no signs of  problems in the field due to deterioration of mechanical properties as they are provided with tangible evidence that the required amount of moisture is removed from all polymers.

ENL is confident and proficient  in adhering to stringent standards set out by their customers and customarily produces documentation that shows the traceability and treatment of materials, including preparation of the polymer. Additionally, processing of materials in the injection moulding machine is controlled, recorded and understood at every stage.

The Moisture Analyser is quick and easy to use and can test different materials at different temperatures for varying periods of time with all results recorded on a database on a standard PC. As such there is demonstrable evidence that materials are always in the correct condition for moulding.

ENL have trialed and tested the moisture analyser on a full range of products and materials before and after drying to an accuracy of 0.001%. This in house in vivo testing showed that all materials are dried below manufacturers recommended levels.

An added advantage to using a moisture analyser is improving ENL’s Green credentials as time, money and energy can be saved by not over drying materials.

The A & D MS 70 moisture analyser is just one tool ENL use to satisfy the PPAP requirements in the automotive industry and conformance to AS 9100 in the aerospace industry.

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