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Monday, March 26th, 2012 Specialised Equipment at ENL

ENL, manufacturer of injection mould tools and injection mouldings have a A & D MS 70 Moisture Analyser to provide empirical evidence that the high specifications required by it’s clients’ is adhered to.

A&D MS 70 moisture analyser used by ENL for moisture detection in injection moulding

ENL is continuously investing in new equipment to maintain the highest standards of production required for applications in the civil aviation, automotive and defence industries. The acquisition of a new Moisture Analyser means ENL can provide further empirical evidence that the high quality required for these industries is maintained in the manufacture of components made of hygroscopic polymers.

Clients know they can rely on the injection moulding division to produce high-specification, high-performance materials. They are assured that the final product will show no signs of  problems in the field due to deterioration of mechanical properties as they are provided with tangible evidence that the required amount of moisture is removed from all polymers.

ENL is confident and proficient  in adhering to stringent standards set out by their customers and customarily produces documentation that shows the traceability and treatment of materials, including preparation of the polymer. Additionally, processing of materials in the injection moulding machine is controlled, recorded and understood at every stage.

The Moisture Analyser is quick and easy to use and can test different materials at different temperatures for varying periods of time with all results recorded on a database on a standard PC. As such there is demonstrable evidence that materials are always in the correct condition for moulding.

ENL have trialed and tested the moisture analyser on a full range of products and materials before and after drying to an accuracy of 0.001%. This in house in vivo testing showed that all materials are dried below manufacturers recommended levels.

An added advantage to using a moisture analyser is improving ENL’s Green credentials as time, money and energy can be saved by not over drying materials.

The A & D MS 70 moisture analyser is just one tool ENL use to satisfy the PPAP requirements in the automotive industry and conformance to AS 9100 in the aerospace industry.

Friday, March 16th, 2012 Aerospace brochure

ENL have been active within the aerospace market for some 50 years.  With continued investment into state-of-the-art machines and supported by the all-important AS9100 quality standard, we continue to grow within this important global business segment.

For example, ENL are proud to be supporting the Airbus A350XWB program.  This new Airbus program brings together the very latest in aerodynamics, design and advanced technologies in the A350 XWB to provide a 25 per cent step-change in fuel efficiency compared to its current long-range competitor. Contributing to this performance are the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines that power the A350 XWB family.

Over 70 per cent of the A350 XWB’s weight-efficient airframe is made from advanced materials, combining 53 per cent of composite structures with titanium and advanced aluminum alloys. The aircraft’s innovative all-new Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) fuselage results in lower fuel consumption, as well as easier maintenance.

ENL are a key supplier for the fuel-pipe application which uses a moulded Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), a semicrystalline thermoplastic which operates at extremely high temperatures (260 degrees celsius). PEEK has one the lightest strength to weight ratios and exhibits outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals.

To celebrate our success, we commissioned a new brochure that describes our aerospace services. You can read it by clicking on the following link: ENL-Aerospace-web.

Monday, March 12th, 2012 ENL: The Injection Moulding Company of Choice

ENL continues to be the plastic injection moulding company of choice for the automotive and aerospace industries in 2012.

As ENL continues to widen it’s business horizons with new clients and equipment, it’s sustainable, organic growth is reflected in the 36.2% increase in turnover in 2011. The thriving company order books continue to expand with this months orders up 16.5% on last month.

With growth comes the responsibility to consistently deliver on-time quality and ENL lives up to its customers expectations. In December 100% of scheduled repeat orders were made and delivered on-time with 98.28% rate for remaining clients.

With ENL going from strength to strength and materials utilisation at 96.4%, systems are being put in place to increase this figure to 97.5% over the coming months. Another area ENL is succeeding in is the cost of scrap. It remains at less than half the bench mark at 0.72% enabling ENL to provide the competitive prices clients are looking for while not compromising on traceability or quality.

ENL is accustomed to working with OEM’s and as such is used to being audited.  This month ENL passed an audit made by a new automotive customer with flying colours surpassing the pass rate by over 30%. The management team is continually on the look out for areas where improvements can be made and strategies are in play to make the next audit even closer to 100%.

With production in Slovakia and the UK, ENL is continually winning contracts for plastic injection moulding in the automotive and aerospace industries because they can produce the standards these demanding industries require.

Monday, March 5th, 2012 ENL supports the BBC Bang Goes the Theory Crew

ENL is pleased to announce that Enstruct can be seen in action at The NEC in Birmingham from March 15 – 17. They will be part of The Big Bang Fair where visitors can do everything from designing a solar powered water heater to exploring radioactivity. Entry is Free!

Launched in 2009, The Big Bang: UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair is the UK’s biggest single celebration of science and engineering for young people, aiming to inspire them through engaging and interactive activities, workshops and shows.

The Big Bang Fair also hosts the finals of the National Science & Engineering Competition. Open to all 11-18 year olds living in the UK and in full-time education, the competition rewards students who have achieved excellence in a science, technology, engineering or maths project.

Last Year Professor Brian Cox presented the prizes for these prestigious awards and this year BBC One’s Bang Goes the Theory will be on stage to test, stretch, explain and experiment with science and how it shapes the world around us. The Bang Goes the Theory Crew believe that the best science lets you try, find out and prove things for yourself and this is exactly what Enstruct, a product manufactured by ENL, does.

Enstruct brings the abstract world of forces to life in an exciting way by creating and making life size structures in the classroom. ENL, a specialist in plastic injection mouldings, is excited to produce the components to this fabulous teaching aid and encourages everyone to see the Enstruct stand at the NEC from the March 15 – 17.