Ethical investment

ENL’s social conscience can be seen in our support and investment in education. With a view to extending our in-house apprenticeship program and encouraging the engineers and scientists of the future, ENL has been working with Simon Tarrant of Winchester College in the development and production of a novel new concept, Enstruct.

In exchange for an exclusive manufacturing license, ENL provided all the tooling that has facilitated this new design becoming reality.

Enstruct is a connector system that is designed for use in educational establishments that teach the basics of structure and forces. It enables individuals or groups to create life size structures including bridges, car chassis or light aircraft, bringing the theoretical forces taught in schools to life. Enstruct can be utilized in Science and Drama lessons and its application extends to team building exercises & problem solving and due to its structural strength, to the provision of emergency shelters in disaster zones.

Enstruct was launched to much applause at the Design & Technology with ICT Education Show, at the NEC last year and can be bought online at

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