Chances are if you fly in an aircraft, or drive a car, an ENL component is part of the vehicle. As you would imagine, our blue-chip customers choose ENL because we consistently add value.

So how do ENL add value?

Firstly, one may be tempted to consider a plastic moulding as being a commodity product that could be manufactured by anyone, anywhere?

Not if it requires some degree of complexity.

Complexity arises when the application requires an advanced polymer, or where ‘overmoulding’ is required to encapsulate another product. Or when a degree of precision is required on the finished product. Or when the product requires special finishes or varnishes. Or when the product needs to be manufactured in East Europe due to the high volumes involved. Or when the product needs to be delivered to an exacting ‘on-time delivery schedule’ no matter where the product was manufactured…

When complexity arises, the range of companies with the expertise to produce technical mouldings across the volume range reduces. A lot.

Over 50 years, ENL have developed in-house processes that cover every eventuality in the design, manufacturing and logistical value chain. Which means that we have thought of every possible outcome, regardless of complexity.

That is how we add value.